Broadway's KISS ME, KATE!

Roundabout Theatre Company’s 2019 Broadway revival of Kiss Me, Kate opened in the midst of #MeToo, forcing audiences to question whether this classic musical based on Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew had any place in the present conversation. To combat potential criticism while promising fans the romantic comedy they  loved, we showcased Broadway at its glamorous best and put our heroine, quite literally, on top.

My Role: Creative Director, Copy and Content

Direct Mail
Pre-Open TV

For our TV spot, we flipped the script, giving our heroine the chance to confront the gendered double standard and assure audiences that this Kate was in charge of her own story. 

Tom Stoppard's TRAVESTIES

We needed to let consumers to know that this revival from Broadway's most iconic intellectual was as hilarious as it was heady. To reassure potential buyers that you didn't have to be a genius to enjoy it, we put the entertainment value front and center. 

My Role: Creative Director, Copy and Content

Direct Mail
Two eye-catching New York Times
half-page post-open ads
And a matching, jaunty post-open TV spot

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