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With a background in copy and film, I've spent the last 6 years crafting iconic, thumb-stopping brands and campaigns across mediums, from broadcast to billboards, social, digital and everything in between. 


Entertainment, Cultural Institutions, Fashion and Tech


I believe the job of a CD is to inspire a creative team, know when to solve, when to empower, and how to clear the road for them. It's to build trust between clients and creative through meaningful relationships, forward-thinking strategy and the top-level execution of bold, relevant work.


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What I'm Binging Right Now: Glow

"I like to push the envelope. I like to jolt people into consciousness." - Marc Maron as Sam Slyvia, Glow


What's Getting Me Through the Day: The Good Place 


“People in general are far too tolerant of bad behavior, because they think it’s necessary for creativity. But I don’t think you should ever think they are one and the same.”

- The Good Place creator Michael Schur on working with nice people.


Photo for Almost Famous: The Musical by Neil Preston

About Me

My life in advertising began as a copywriter after working in film development for New Line Cinema and Tribeca Productions. I have a passion for storytelling and a deep belief that advertising content should engage and inspire. My love of film and theater led me to entertainment advertising but it's our job as marketers, no matter the vertical, to always be telling a great story.  


Theater and film are uniquely collaborative. The best ideas happen when a talented team, inspired by a shared vision, are given the space to dream. Coming from this environment, and as a playwright myself, I'm a believer in leading a team by trusting them to follow their instincts. 


I also believe in partnering with clients, rather than servicing them. Client relationships built on honesty, a strong rapport, and a proven track record of great work serve us all. 

For TV and Radio, I've directed such luminaries as Tom Hanks, Ethan Hawke, Paul Dano, Marisa Tomei, Jesse Tyler Ferguson and many others. Through a partnership with Google Labs, I have trained in "Unskippable" Ads, UX and Mobile UX design and am keenly aware of how emerging technologies are changing consumer behavior.

I'm currently a Creative Director at SpotCo, an advertising, marketing and branding agency for the arts. My clients have included Hamilton, Almost Famous: The Musical, Audible, Lincoln Center Theater, Roundabout Theater Company, and more. You can learn about SpotCo here.


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