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For this winning pitch to Steven Soderbergh, we put humor front and center with three boldly branded campaigns that used witty, self-aware copy & photography, multi-platform motion campaigns and unique ad placements so consumers knew exactly what kind of night they would have at the theater.
My Role: Creative Director

Campaign One THE TEASE:

A focus on audience experience, a range of demographics & fun copy let consumers know this show was inclusive and buzz-worthy straight out of the gate.

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High Impact Outdoor / Times Square Subway Domination
Pre-Open Teaser for Broadcast with Social and Digital Activations

A sound on, sound off multi-platform campaign featured funny resonant audience reactions to lay the ground work for what was to come.


Campaign Two SEXY IN THE CITY:

With hyper-local, site-specific outdoor and cheeky copy we could speak to people where they were and invite consumers to have fun with the brand. 

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Screenshot 2020-07-28 16.12.18.png
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To assure Broadway buyers that this show was more than good looks, we showcased the specatcular dancing, added in-the-know Broadway copy and took high-value media placements for credibility. 

New York Times Checkerboard Ad with Broadway Copy
Screenshot 2020-07-28 16.12.36.png
Times Square Billboard
Screenshot 2020-07-28 16.11.46.png
Direct Mail
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Screenshot 2020-07-28 16.11.16.png
KPOP on Broadway
To launch KPOP on the heels of the pandemic, we needed to convince audiences that this show epitomized a new era of Broadway with its commitment to diversity and representation, and that it was exactly the exuberant, joyful, uplifting communal experience we'd all been missing. Our 8-week-out strategy centered on simultaneous cross-channel content, microsites to surprise and delight, targeted ads, social stunts, pop-ups, Tik Tok choreography drops and more, all delivering specific messaging for 3 key demographics:
1) KPOP Stans: Let them know we're authentic
2) Young NY Culture Seekers: Let them know we're cool
3) Tourists: Let them know this is the Broadway spectacle they crave
My Role: Creative Director, Strategy Lead
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